Terrance and Chester are entities called, "luggage", an item from the open blocks mod. Both are owned by

Syndicate. Terrance was made before Chester by II_JERICHO_II but he gave it to Tom for some items in exchange. Tom then named it Terrance immediately after. An episode later Tom was making a twilight forest portal when the lightning struck it hit Terrance making him a super luggage Tom then started calling him "Super Terrance". The image on the right shown is from episode 12 Season Two. The screen shot shows an army of luggage that Tom named the "Terrance Army" it is an army of super luggages led by Terrance this is when Chester was made. Chester was made to be the second in command for the Terrance army whose purpose was to take all the stuff out of the chest in Syndicate's house so he could move it to the city. After his house was moved he destroyed all of the luggage except for 3 Terrance, Chester, and a random one that held ores and stuff he wanted to put up later.