Commonly called a wizard by the Mianitees, TheUserCreated now more commonly know as just User is the man behind the kill and death counter used for the purge and teleporter to Cactice. He is usually in the background of the streams, talking to people in chat if something goes wrong or they find a problem. He is talented with redstone, command blocks, building, and programming

TheUserCreated lives under the spawn area near the Quartz House, which confuses the Mianitees when they see his nametag. His home has several stories with god-items, heads, rewards, command blocks, ect. The house is made out of bedrock so that no miners accidentally break in.

TheUserCreated sometimes has glitches with his command blocks. For instance, on day 101 during a purge, the teleporting system to the Cactice arena was set so that when an entity steps on a pressure plate the nearest player is teleported to the arena usually. But when a mob steps on the pad, the creature is not teleported away. Instead the nearest player is put somewhere seemingly random. XD

TheUserCreated and the building Wizards seem not to know each other and don't talk to each other much either. This leads to some entertaining interaction in the chat when both TheUserCreated and the Wizards offer help.

He, alongside TheTwistedGuy, and other members of the Hyperion team, built the Mianite Temple, as well as the Dianite Temple, and many other amazing builds in Season 1