The Blood Moon Edit

The Blood Moon is and event that occurs ever once in a while. It happens during the night and what happens is that, mobs' aggravation range is larger, the spawn rate of mods is larger, you cannot sleep through it and the night is longer. The moon turns into red, a thin black fog roles in and the sky is tinted red because of the moon's sudden change in color.

The First Blood Moon Edit

The first Blood Moon occurred on Episode Two of Mianite Season Two. They streamers hardly had any armor and most of them didn't even have shelter.

Some of them fleed like Sonja did. Firefox ran from her half blown-up Pink House and almost died so she built a pillar upward but eventually died.

Some found shelter elsewhere, Jericho simply went mining underground where the mobs couldn't reach him. Some Bloodmoon Fan Art


Trivia Edit

The mod itself can be found here : [1]

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