"The Cathedral of Athar" is a book written by Waglington and was found by Tucker "II_Jeriicho_II" on Day 94 of Season 1. The book tells of Athar, a malevolent and selfish God who wishes to unfairly keep his power to himself, and The Wizards plan to perform a ritual that will force him to fight them over who gets to keep the power.

The Cathedral of Athar by Waglington Edit

If you are reading this, you have found the lost Cathedral of Athar. This journal is my last gift to the world as a mortal man.

Firstly, about Athar. Athar is the name of a godly power that grants humans immortality, flight and the ability to conjure anything at will from thin air. With this power any man, woman or child can be a god. Yet nobody had gained this incredible power. Are we not worthy? Is there some greedy god residing in the heavens, unwilling to share that which we desire, that we deserve! So my three brothers and I formed the cult of Athar. In our cathedral we studied, we crafted we trained. We would do whatever it took to gain this power in hopes that we can become the gods that humanity needs, not negligent of the needs of the small. We would be benevolent, loving gods. Yet despite our efforts we have achieved nothing.

That is until now. An ancient scroll tells tale of a mysterious and dangerous ritual. It is said to call down the very god that wields this power and that god must duel for the right to its power. We have prepared, me and my brothers are ready! We begin tonight.

My name is Waglington. As of tomorrow the world will see me and my brothers reborn in the light of Athar, reborn as gods.

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