The Daycare Center Edit

The Daycare was a small, brick building with stools on the inside of it and a fenced area outside. Here, the Ianita Swarm stayed, there was even a sign on the next to the front t door that said, " Ianitas Only." Ianite would often check on her children and she often called, Sparkles to come and help her with "Daycare Duties."

Ianita 3

A screenshot of Ianita from one of Mama's boy's animations.

The Dianita Switch Edit

One day Firefoxx felt like prancing someone, and Sparkles and Ianite both weren't on the server... so she decided to prank them. She and her twitch chat thought up the idea to make a ton of golden eggs, name them all Dianite, put them all in the Daycare and find some place o put then Ianitas. The outcome was absolutely hilarious.

Sonja's chat started asker her where she was going to put all the mini Ianites, she picked up as many Ianitas that she could in the golden lasso, and transported them to Jordan's Grow Room that located in the basement of The Fortress of Fury.

The Reveal Edit

When Jordan noticed that the Ianitas had been switched with baby Dianites, he called over Ianite to come to the Daycare and check it out. Firefox headed over there, and Jordan asked her where his step-kids where and she hinted him to the grow room... he was devastated. They returned to the Daycare where they found Martha the Mystic standing there, looking at the mini-mes. Sonja sat next to her and a Dianita picked her up. Martha became suspicious, but they never truly "caught" her.

The Slaughter of the Ianitas Edit

Near the end of the series, a volcano grew up from the ground right next to the Daycare Center. It erupted many times, dried up the grass in all of Ruxomar, and killed some of the Ianitas.

Mianite told Jericho to bring the rest of the Ianitas to Mianite's farm to kill them for their quintessence, thinking that it would be enough to bring his sister back to life, but Deviser Gaines stated that, "It wasn't enough." Maybe it would have if Sparkles hadn't kept one and fooled Jericho with another one, saying that it was the last. The last Ianita was in Martha's care and when she was asked on her tumbler, she said that she wasn't sure if the last of her sisters were alive.

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