Fortress of Fury 1
The Fortress of Fury was Jordan's home outside of Dagrun in Season Two. It resides atop of a mountain south of Tucker's Dojo and southeast of the Kingdom of Dagrun. It is made of stone bricks, and one of the towers has purple glass panes (the purple glass represents Jordan's loyalty to Ianite) and the other's panes are orange (the orange represents Jordan's app, "Fortress Fury," in which the towers are named after.) The fortress consists of two towers and a basement under the taller tower with a well-built blood mage room. Also within the the basement lies Jordan's drug room that was built by Wag, Tucker and Tom on 4/20/15. The main purpose for the tower is to feature the names of all of the players who beat Jordan in his own app, Fortress Fury. Later, Jordan built a underground section to the fortress and made it his overworld base.

After Tom, Tucker, and Sonja returned from Pax in 2015, they pranked Jordan by turning the taller tower into an anatomically-correct penis ejaculating and covered the other, smaller tower in sewage. During the prank, Tucker destroyed the reactor with his pick by mistake, Tom then picked up the destroyed parts.

- Lady Ianite, in return after the prank and decided to help clean up the mess. She used TNT to clean it up, which led to the ultimate demise of the Fortress of Fury. The fortress was then been meticulously rebuilt by Jordan.

- After reading Guard Tom's diary, Jordan let the guard reside in his fortress. Guard Tom made Jordan a pie (baking is guard Tom's favorite hobby) to thank him for his kindness.

- Lady Ianite later had a small residual in the tower along with her daughter, Ianita.

- Andor built a dragon on the fortress. The purple dragon was then named "Dragonite" by Jordan.

On the Season Two Finale, the Fortress Of Fury was destroyed by a meteor, revealing the supposedly secret underground lab, along with many other structures in the land.