The Great Anvil Storm of 2015Edit

The Great Anvil Storm of 2015 happened on March 20th of 2015. One of the wizards, Phil had created a weapon that hurled anvil out of it. He tested it out at the wizardly village and decided to use it on Sonja's Such Cute OMG house.

Before the StormEdit

That day Sonja got on the server and saw that the Wizard's were talking about an arena, so she spoke to Wag about. He said that he will join her in looking for it after his magical daisy turned some stone into a "Livingrock". Scanja then scanned the flower, then scanned the new block. Wag and Sonja discovered the arena in the wizardly village and then the Wizards explained it. This was also the first day that Spirit Dianite and Lady Ianite spoke of Mot and Spark. Jordan, Sonja and Wag hung out at the arena with The Wizards, read some storyline stuff, they pooped on some graves and spoke like old British ladies for a bit. Later On, Phil started using his weapon.

The StormEdit

The day went on...

Sonja was back home and was checking her Fish traps when she heard *Ting* *Ting* *Ting*. "I could kill you right now." She said to the wizards. Sonja looked at her house. "I've never seen a more feminine looking house," said Phil. "It's cute though." She responded. Sonja walked into her house. *Ting* "Oh my-" She tried to exit, but an anvil was in front of her door. Sonja tried to get rid of the anvil with her magic but it didn't work, so she went upstairs, but Phil had seen that there were holes in her roof, so he threw some anvil inside of her house too. After that, Sonja decided to repair her roof, while the Storm continued...
Anvil Storm
and the wizards stole some raspberries. *Wag teleports her to the top of his tower* "Eeeeeeeeeeeeewaglington!!!!!" Sonja Screamed. Firefox built a small house out of wood and warded it. She said to the wizards nicely, "I knew that you guys liked throwing anvils on my house, so I thought that you would like a house of your own..." Killertom walked into the house, Sonja covered the entrance, warded those blocks too, and Phil covered it in anvils. Fox continued to fix her roof and the storm continued to rage on.

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