Season One Edit

First Generation Edit

In season one, the lore didn't go very deep. There were two gods, Mianite and Dianite. Mianite was the oldest and was the "good guy." Mianite's younger brother was Dianite. Dianite was the opposite of Mianite. Cruelty was his game and pain was the thing that made him run.

Later on in the season, the brother's sister was revealed. She did not agree with either of them, she did not believe in perfection nor cruelty, she wanted peace and justice. Her name was Ianite.

Season Two Edit

First Generation Edit

The Royal family started with a well-known blacksmith, Akemi Kikoku. Akemi made the best swords in the realm. She poured her heart and soul and everything that meant something to her into her work. Akemi lived with her husband, the World Historian (also known as Kikoku Botan).

Second Generation Edit

Akemi and Kikoku had three children, Mianite, Dianite and Ianite. The three children were gods. Like season one, they all disagreed on their views, but the two brothers views were different from the former realm. Dianite was now the good guy and Mianite was now the bad guy.

Third Generation Edit

The only one of the three gods to have any children was Ianite. She and her husband Spark had two children together, Martha, and King Helgrind. Spark left Ianite before the Sky People fell to Ruxamar. Ianite and Captainsparkles then had Ianita. Martha dated Waglington, but later married Farmer Steve, but they never had any children.

Fourth Generation Edit

King Helgrind married Queen Freya and they had two children, Prince Andor and Princess Alva.

Deceased Edit

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