"Just searing pain, bright light and a man screaming in despair. Then black" (Our Awakening by Waglington).

"Tom Beer", also known as "KillerTom63" as well as "Conflict63" is one of the wizards in the group known as "The Contractors", that is also known outside the Realm of Mianite as FyreUK (Tom is General Manager over at FyreUK), as he along with the rest of The Constructors, build massive constructs in the World of Mianite.

He, alongside Matthew Needler and Phil Southam, had joined the Realm of Mianite on the 45th day of Tom's Mianite Series.

It has been confirmed that the Wizards follow no god, as the balance of power in the world would be skewed.

He often is active on the Mianite subreddit and comments on questions that he can answer. He also has grown a Twitch following from the first Wizard Mianite Stream, since then Tom has not done anymore Mianite streams. All streams from the wizards have moved over to the official FyreUK Twitch channel.

After Waglington's attempt of making Tom's vault, he went in and changed the buttons to levers and created a new design. With this design there were a lot of bugs which he has been fixing. He has been slowly upgrading Tom's vault, like adding command blocks that reset the levers and a hopper system to deliver items into Tom's vault.

He has two skins, one is his default skin that he uses normally and the other is a wizard like skin for Mianite. This is because Tom requested that he change it.

The Ritual of Athar that gave him and his fellow Wizards their power was described as: