The Town Herald is first seen on Day 5 of Mianite Season Two. He is found leading the four heroes to the courthouse when Jordan and Sonja are being trialed. He first trials Jordan, and soon sentenced him to death for stealing Farmer Steve's wheat, armor, sword, and killing Farmer Steve and just being overall uncooperative and reluctant.

Then he trials Sonja for stealing the following:

"One book, one bell, several cakes, a chandelier, and one cooked crayfish"

Prince Andor finds Sonja to be guilty, but Sonja runs, morphed into Taint Swarm and then tries to fly away. Tucker sets out to find her and ends up killing her. The Town Herald said justice had been served.

A few episodes later he asks the heroes to gather 100 double compressed cobblestone for a wall around the town because the taint had been coming faster, and if the taint would get to the town, all would be lost. The heroes gather the cobblestone and put it in a chest at the town. The Town Herald thanks them and goes on his way to build the wall.

There is a theory that the Town Herald is either evil or on Team Dianite, but neither was revealed. He, along with the King, have acted unfairly to the heroes, in one way or another. He takes orders only from the King.

Unfortunately, after a certain point, this character just sort of faded from existence.