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    So the theory came up in Episode #41 (keep in mind I follow CaptainSparklz's viewpoint) that the goddess-of-balance Ianite could really be the prevoisly evil god-of-the-nether Dianite. During this episode, Jordan was pressured by the tens of thousands of voices in his head, or his twitch stream, to present Ianite with a golden egg as thanks. It was then that the topic came up of the possibility of decievery. Think about it: Season I, Ianite is a peaceful and calm, albiet weak goddess. Whenever she appears, she commands this air of respect, and these appearences are considered huge moments in the story. Now fast forward to Season II. Ianite's mind unintentionally sets massive monsters of taint on Dagrun, and is hated by town officials. We l…

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