So the theory came up in Episode #41 (keep in mind I follow CaptainSparklz's viewpoint) that the goddess-of-balance Ianite could really be the prevoisly evil god-of-the-nether Dianite. During this episode, Jordan was pressured by the tens of thousands of voices in his head, or his twitch stream, to present Ianite with a golden egg as thanks. It was then that the topic came up of the possibility of decievery. Think about it: Season I, Ianite is a peaceful and calm, albiet weak goddess. Whenever she appears, she commands this air of respect, and these appearences are considered huge moments in the story. Now fast forward to Season II. Ianite's mind unintentionally sets massive monsters of taint on Dagrun, and is hated by town officials. We learn later from Ianite that in the realm in which Dagrun resides, things are a bit different. For example, Mianite is a courupt god who's followers create a tyranny in his name. Things are a bit swiched around after the long fall from the end. Now, the people long been suspecting, much to Tom's chagrin, that Dianite is now a good god, due to the swich. That would be expected, and no one would be suprised. The only person who does not fall into that equasion in Ianite. She has turned into a silly, "chill" goddess who spends her days wandering around. Why would She be affected by the role reversal? When inverted, white turns black, black turns white, but grey is not affected. So here's the kicker, what if Dianite's great return to Dagrun is in the form of him revealing he was Ianite the whole time? As I said, its just a theory, but it would explain her odd actions and miraculous forgivness of Toms actions.

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