Hello everyone on the Mianite Wiki, I am here today to ask you, the community, about the future of this Wiki.

I understand the rising inactivity due to the hiatus for Mianite Season 3, but even back in Season 2 there wasn't any active administration team around. I am thinking about filling an adoption form and I need your opinion about it, this Wiki is build by the community after all.

But what is an adoption form? To put it simply: it will give me administrator right on this Wiki. I will be able to delete useless pages that are lying around, revert troll damage and have many more tools to help the Wiki and the Community.

There are a few conditions for this to be accepted:

1. Since the Wiki is not completely inactive, I have to make a public demand for your opinion (what I am doing right now) and give you one week to consider. If there is no response whatsoever to my proposition, it will be acknowledged as accepted.

2.Admins have been inactive for 60 days or more, and please note that "active" means they have contributed to the Wiki, not just posted a message saying they're active.

3. I have to, myself, be an active member and have contributed a sufficient amount of time in the past, and I do think I fit this requirement and that I am willing to help and contribute any way possible to this Wiki.

For conclusion, I will wait one week before placing my adoption request to the Wikia Community Central team, please feel free to give opinions or ask me questions.

And most of all, keep contributing to the community!


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