Wisdom is an invisible character that often helps the streamers along side with his who tends to get mad easily. He usually helps out whenever the streamers struggle with the puzzles, giving them tips and clues on how to solve them. He also helps with their problems with the mods. Comrades Justice , Intuition , Inspiration and Doubt. He was introduced into Mianite in the Inertia jail break, and was killed by the end of the world in the Season Two Finale.

It is believed that Wisdom is not a character itself, but instead the streamer's own wisdom. Proof to support this theory includes the time when Waglington thanked Wisdom for his help, but Wisdom replied "No need to thank your mind". If this theory is true, that means that Wisdom and the other "feelings" did not die in the Season Two Finale.


Wisdom2 made a short cameo in episode 94 from Jericho's POV in; "King Helgrind's Nightmare he also appeared in the Season Two Finally. ." Wisdom2