Death, Leader of the Shadows (also known as '''WorldHistorian''' and '''Kikoku Botan''') was a dark mysterious presence that appeared in Season One of Mianite as "Death" Aka The Shadows and Season Two of Mianite as "World Historian" and "Kikoku Botan."

Season One Edit

The Shadows announced their return to the Land of Mianite about halfway through Season One, when '''Death''' sent a message to it's inhabitants, stating that neither Mianite, nor Dianite, nor Ianite could stop him, that he was the reason that there were so few gods and that they hardly ever appeared, that he would make those who joined them more powerful than the gods, but destroy those who didn't, and that he would soon "reach out" to one of them. Tom was the first to receive this message, and he quickly relayed it to Tucker, Sonja , and Jordan . The message left in it's wake much confusion, uncertainty, and fear amongst the four. Dec or The Priest gave a short and vague speech, which only confirmed one thing: "The Shadows are real."

Shortly after the message was received, '''Death''' revealed that the one he meant to "reach out" to was none other than Syndicate, Dianite's chosen one and arguably the religion's best fighter. Although his first attempt to convert the zombie-like man was met with silence, he did not relent. After Syndicate absentmindedly thought about how amazing it would be to have a fantastic bow to use in combination with invisibility potions to become a ninja assassin, '''Death''' offered him the bow, '''Death's Bolt''' and a position at his side as his personal assassin and right hand. Although sorely tempted to renounce Dianite and take the offer, he was convinced that the offer was a trick by his god, Dianite to test his loyalty, and subsequently rejected the offer. Seeing that he would not convert him quickly enough for his plan, '''The Shadows''' turned to NadeShot, whom he knew was overshadowed by his friend and neglected by his god. He figured that the chance of glory and power would better tempt those who had never had it. He was not wrong.

Shortly after Nadeshot joined '''The Shadows''', Dianite appeared, and claimed that The Shadows ''were ''merely a test and reprimanded Nade for not being loyal. What happened to The Shadows after that (as of Season 1) remained a mystery.

Season Two Edit

The World Historian was a character in Mianite Season Two. This ominous entity was an embodiment of Death. The World Historian is the father of Mianite, Dianite, and Ianite. He wrote several books which the Sky People read in the Great Library of Urulu.

The World Historian was also briefly seen in the fifth crypt which contained Mianite's Heart. When the group were leaving the Nether, he stated, "Thanks for the quintessence".The World Historian also wore reddish-grey robes upon his physical embodiment.

According to Dianite, his murderer wore similar attire. Sometime between when the Sky heroes went to the fithft crypt and The season finnale he met Andor and had a chat with him. He revealed that what happened to Andor's father and that he used amniosis as a quintessence farm just as he had done in thosands of other worlds.

He also said and showed Andor that he lituraly was a wandering corpse. This information can be found on Chimalus tumblr The Clear Sky Hermit Chapter Six-The Prince of the power of the air ( The End Of The World, But Not The End).

The World Historian is ultimately the supreme villain of Mianite Season Two, as it was revealed he was the one gathering quintessence from Ianite, (Ianite seemingly knowing this telling about a greater power was pulling her out of the current world) turning the quintessence into Ianitas, (among other things), and attempting to use the energy from her quintessence to destroy the world.

Shortly after the Sky People (and Waglington) revived Dianite, Mianite possessed Jericho's body and killed Dianite (though only temporarily, as the ritual allowed him to be revived in case he died shortly after being resurrected), and then possessed Jordan. Who was then killed by Jericho, who was no longer possessed, and was killed by Mianite shortly after. The rampage ended when Mianite was wounded by Waglington (It showed up as killed in chat, but he was only harmed as Waglington did not have the Kikoku).

Seconds later, Mianite was killed by World Historian using the Kikoku. He then had a brief discussion with the group, revealing he was the one who killed Dianite 10 years beforehand, along with the fact that he is Ianite's, Dianite's, and Mianite's father. He then proceeded to kill Waglington, Mot, Jericho, and Martha, Amidst the fighting, Ianite yelled to Sparklez to use his arrows (The Bow of Balance). Once he saw the chance, Sparklez took the shot and killed the World Historian. After the blow, the World Historian did not rise again for the duration of the finale, but it is believed that the he is not entirely gone and will revive himself with all the quintessence he has harvested.

In The book "The Frayed Father", it is revealed that World Historian used to be mortal. It is unknown how he came to be a God/Immortal being.

Theories and Speculation Edit

The phrase “WorldHistorian fell out of the world” is the last time he was seen/referenced as of Season 2. However, he probably can and will revive himself, and therefore is only temporarily dead. He has claimed that he has essentially destroyed countless realms, sucking all of the energy out of them. With Dianite even saying "We have to get out of here, if he has all that life force, he won't stay dead long." shortly after said phrase appeared. Gaines’ observations of rifts in inter dimensional space reinforce this theory. So "WorldHistorian fell out of the world" should probably be taken as less of a description of his demise and more as an action intentionally done by him to travel to another realm.